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Grants to individuals

Our grantmaking priorities:
  • Giving grants directly to students undertaking tertiary education or apprenticeships.

  • Giving grants to young people to pursue courses in arts, music, dancing etc.
Please note:

In order to be eligible for a grant students must have been resident in the London Borough of Southwark for at least two years at the time of application.

The final page of the application form should be completed by a tutor or other qualified person.

You can apply for a grant only once in any 12-month period.

How to apply

Apply online

Meetings and deadlines

We will not fund any expenditure incurred before the date of the relevant Governors' meeting.

Meeting date
Deadline for applications
8 March 2018 9 February 2018
14 June 2018 18 May 2018
27 September 2018 24 August 2018
13 December 2018 16 November 2018
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